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On Saturday January 24,2015,more than 200 women and girls gathered to attend Be Well,Live Well:The Women’s Wealth and Wellness event hosted by The Diva Movement ™. Ladies from as far as Indiana and Michigan joined other Central Ohio women for this event focused on empowering women.

This event featured workshops led by some of the city’s top wellness, holistic, empowerment and financial experts that shared tools and strategies on how to improve their quality of life.

The day began with a morning relaxation and meditation. The rooms were filled to capacity as women learned how to build a strong financial foundation and discovered ways to protect it.  Attendees listened eagerly as our presenters provided real solutions for improving their mind,body and soul.

“My desire is to see women thrive not just survive. “Noni Thornton, President/CEO of The Diva Movement.  “The health of your mind, body and soul will influence the level of success in other areas of your life.  I want to encourage women to nurture and protect two of our greatest assets.  Our health and our wealth.”

The Diva Movement provides experiences for women to connect, learn and grow in an uplifting and empowering atmosphere.

So What’s Next

Let’s make a decision to succeed.  Motivational guru Tony Robbins puts it this way,”It is in your moments of decisions that your destiny is shaped” Simply put the moment you decide to move toward your destiny AND you respond with deliberate action,change will occur.  Of course we know that no one gets into debt or gains 25 pounds overnight.  Likewise, it would be foolish to expect an overnight reversal of our financial or health circumstances.  But you have the power to make choices that move you one step closer to a better life.

  1. Commit to putting your goals in writing. You are 80% more likely to reach your goals when you write them down.
  2. Do one thing each day or week that pushes you toward your goal
  3. Connect with people that can help you reach these goals. The Women’s Wealth and Wellness event put some leading ladies at your fingertips.  Connect with these ladies and allow them to help you achieve your goals.  Attend the Diva Movement™ trainings and events.  We are devoted to see you be the best version of yourself.

I want to see and hear of all of your triumphs in 2015!  Here’s to an Extraordinary year

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