Changing the Way Women Connect

Collecting business cards is not networking.  Networking requires a person to build relationships and make genuine connections.  Let’s face it, we buy from people we like.  The most effective promotional tool is word of mouth.  But before they will spread the word, they have to know you.  That’s where networking comes in.  Here are some useful tools to help you connect.

1. Give Value to receive value.  Be a giver,always seek ways the connection can be mutually beneficial. In other words,ask yourself “Why would someone want to connect with me?”

2.Be strategic-everyone should not have access to your time.  If you have a business or want to grow professionally,create a strategic connection plan.  Make a list of people who have the resources,knowledge and attitude to help you reach your goals

3.Think quality over quantity.  It is not a business card collecting competition.  Build a strong and intentional pool of contacts.

4. Find a mentor.  A mentor is a vital part of your personal and professional development.  The right mentor will help you expand your network and help you deepen your network pool.

5.Look for the untapped power within your existing network.  Allow these contacts to help you expand your network by asking them to make the introduction.

The DIVA Movement is changing the way women network.  We create experiences where women can connect and build relationships in fun and meaningful ways.  Join us for one of our next events. Find more information on our website

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