Diva in the Spotlight:Diana Amison

Meet Diva Movement Inc member Diana Amison. Diana is the owner of Studio4one9,llc and the founder of the Beauty Barber Gala. This annual charity benefit showcases the latest trends in beauty, hair, and fashion.

Why did you join the Diva Movement? Networking opportunities and the opportunity to be around like minded people

If you could go back and talk to yourself as an 18 year old,what would you tell yourself?  Put God first and don’t sweat the small stuff

What drives you as an entrepreneur? Control-I like being my own boss

What advice would you give a woman who wants to start a business? Stay focused, learn all aspects of your business, shadow someone and learn as much as possible.

Who has been your inspiration as a business owner? Reverend Woods and Ms. Lori Fisher

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? In 5 years, planning the 10th annual beauty and barber Gala.  In 10 years, I plan to be retired, traveling and planning events

What motivated you to start a business? Making my mother proud

Learn more about The Diva Movement Inc here
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