Rebuilding Your Tribe

 ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’

Jim Rohn


There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to re-evaluate the people in your life. You may find that its necessary to rebuild your tribe.

Consider This

The people you spend the most time with influences your behavior, thoughts, confidence and decisions. In other words your network can make or break you. Japanese Koi will grow in proportion to the size of its environment. Like the Koi, your potential for growth is directly affected by your environment.

Are you surrounded by people who are supporting or hindering you? Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who support your goals and who are committed to achieving their own can be extremely powerful. You need these people in your tribe to help you stay motivated.

If you are committed to growing, it’s inevitable that you will have to leave some folks behind. If you are determined to live an extraordinary life you will have to watch the company that you keep.


Surround Yourself with People who Make you reach higher


Need to rebuild your Tribe? Here are a few tips:

  1. Step it up-There is nothing gained by always being the smartest person in the room. Find your area for growth and follow/connect with people who are better at it than you are. If you expect to grow, you have to be a life- long student.
  2.  Meet with your mentors on a regular basis-The right mentor will provide the feedback, wisdom and advice to help motivate and stretch you
  3. Get Social-Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals . Make it a priority to attend events where you can engage and connect with other people with similar interests and values.

Try this exercise

  • Who are the 5 people in your life that you spend time with? As in, if your day has 24 hours, how many of those hours are spent with which people. (I’m guessing amongst people will be some members of your family, your spouse, co-workers and some close friends.) Write those 5 people on a piece of paper. (It’s ok if they are less than 5.)
  • Once you have a list of those 3-5 people, ask yourself this: Who are they? What do they do with their lives? How ambitious are they, how successful have they been, how happy, optimistic, and enthusiastic are they?
  • Evaluate carefully if those people will really be those that will help you get to the next level you want to get to. Do they push you forward when you come to them with new ideas, no matter what? Or do they tell you that what you have in mind won’t work? Will they keep you going once the birds pick up your seeds, once your seeds fall on shallow or thorny ground?
  • Make a choice of who in your list you want to continue spending time with. Don’t be afraid if none or only 1 or 2 amongst your 5 people today meet the standard of excellence you want to set for yourself. Keep going, decrease the time you spend, and increase the amount of time you keep your eyes looking for people that you want to have as one of your 5 closest people.


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