Email Marketing: How to Get Started

By Tonnisha English
Email Marketing has the greatest ROI than other marketing platform, yet, so many businesses are not utilizing this free tool. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner, or new entrepreneur, here are three simple ways to get started with email marketing.
1. Choose Your Platform
To get started you will need to choose an email marketing platform. BCC’ing everyone in your Outlook email is a big NO! Do your research and determine which platform benefits you most. My favorite email marketing platform right now is MailChimp. It is a free tool and provides you insights into your campaign performance. Other types of platforms include Constant Contact and Litmus.
2. Create Your Lists
Think about who you are wanting to send emails to and begin collecting email addresses. You can collect them at events you attend or host or adding sign up forms to your website and social media platforms. If you don’t currently have a large list to pull from, start with current or potential clients and people who support your business like friends, family, and coworkers.

3. Create Your Content Calendar
Think about the email campaigns you want to send, who you want to send them to, and why you think those people would benefit from your email. Doing this at the beginning of every month, or every quarter, will help you stay organized and intentional about creating quality content.
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Tonnisha J. English is founder and CEO of TJE Communications, LLC, a digital marketing agency helping small women-owned businesses level the playing field.

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