The Power of Showing Up

There’s something powerful that happens when you decide to show up. Cocktails & Connections was Julie’s first Diva Movement event.  I didn’t know it at the time but she was terrified.  She was going out on a limb and stepping out of comfort zone by attending an all female networking event.

I can’t tell you the number of women who tell me that they have had a terrible experience with these types at some point in their life. Women become apprehensive about trying another one. And let’s face it, we rarely see examples of women co-existing in peace or thriving together, in the media.    But Julie was determined to SHOW UP! She may have entered the room alone but she left with dozens of connections and blossoming relationships.
Showing up Positions you for success.  Successful people show up. They consistently push past obstacles  to reach their goals. Every time I pushed past my feelings and showed up I always was introduced to a person or idea that provided a solution to a problem.
If you are looking for a change or want things to grow you have to start somewhere. Showing up can  provide the connection to the right person,at the right time, in the exact season that you need it.
Not showing up can rob you of meaningful  connections,fresh ideas, and opportunities.
You can have everything that you dreamed of but first you have to SHOW UP
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