Diva in the Spotlight: Kay Wilson

Meet Kay Wilson-Executive Director of LeaderSaprk


Kay is responsible for the vision, strategy and fundraising efforts for LeaderSpark as it expands the youth it serves in Central Ohio.

A native Buckeye, Kay fell in love with nonprofits when she was only a teenager. Inspired as a Guild Girl at her church she served on a local food pantry along-side her Grandmother, Kay quickly developed a deep passion for charitable work.  She has always been inspired by people and organizations doing great work in the community.

This resolve stuck with her while living overseas on the continent of Africa, leading her to work on international platforms in the areas of human rights and social justice.

What are you most passionate about?

I enjoy writing, I love traveling and I enjoy experience different cultural cuisines.

What inspired you to take the leap and launch your business?

Wanting to be the person that I needed, when I was growing up

Tell me about a person you admire.

I admire my Grandmother Nellie, she had inner confidence, resilience and celebrated every day.

Where do you want to Retire?


If you were stranded on an island what 3 things would you want to have?

Ella Fitzgerald disc set (if I had electricity), my Bible and a picture of my family.

If you can have lunch with anyone living or deceased, who would it be?

Michelle Obama

Tell me 1 goal you would like to accomplish this year

I want to be my husband’s rock.

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