Goal Digger Check-up

We are halfway through the year. This is the perfect time to do a Goal Check.

If you started the year strong and you feel like you lost momentum, now is the perfect time to dig in and focus on key goals and strategies.  Start building now. Momentum builds commitment and creates excitement for accomplishing your goals. Why wait? You can harness incredible momentum right now.

  1. Take a closer look. Now is an excellent time to take inventory. What have you accomplished? What goals are still outstanding? What mistakes have you made and what have you learned?  Do you need to acquire new resources,information or tools to accomplish your goals ? Once you’ve taken inventory, you can determine the best way to proceed.
  2. Push yourself. There is no time for procrastination. It’s time to dig deep and push beyond your comfort zone. Enlarge your vision of what’s possible. It’s your choice. If you push yourself, you will be amazed about what you can accomplish between now and December 31st. What a wonderful way to boost your performance and build incredible momentum for everything you plan to do for the remainder of the year.
  3.  Make strategic decisions. Begin thinking about how you are going to strategically position yourself to maximize opportunities. Plan for greater success by aligning yourself with people and processes that will help to catapult your success.
  4. Reset- Create a plan for success.  Write it down,post it and be determined to work the plan.

Get Ready to spend the rest of your year walking into opportunities, instead of chasing them

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