10 Ways a Great Network Can Change Your Life

If you Want to Go Fast, Go Alone
If you Want to Go Far Go Together
-African Proverb

How may of you are familiar Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? This theory discusses the five levels of human Basic needs. But here’s the problem with Maslow’s hierarchy.   None of these needs are possible without social connection and collaboration. Without collaboration, there is no survival.

A sense of social connection is one of our fundamental human needs.  Connecting with other people, even in the most basic ways, also makes you happier—especially when you know they need your help.

Connections are vital if you are planning on being success, fulfilled or have any quality of life.

It’s never too late to start building connections and forming your network.  You may have heard the phrase “Your Network determines your networth” Having a strong network is critical to the success of al areas of your life-business,professional and personal.

A Great Network Can
  1. Give you access to decision makers, change agents and influencers
  2. Share insight, wisdom and a different point of view
  3. Help you navigate through tough times by connecting you with resources
  4. Expand your vision and opens new windows of opportunities
  5. Gives you the opportunity to Increase your knowledge, skills and abilities that will help you build your resume
  6. Serve as formal or informal mentors for your personal, business or professional needs
  7. Provide support, inspiration and encouragement
  8. Connect you with like-minded and mutually beneficial individuals and networks
  9. Allow you to increase your impact and get more accomplished
  10. Help you to create brand ambassadors and supporters who will promote your business, carry your mission to other audiences and champion your cause

Remember, the time to start building your network is not when you need one.  Start now and begin building authentic and meaningful relationships.

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