Making Room at The Table

There is a lot of conversation around women getting a seat at the table.  There’s an awakening of women across the world. Women are demanding to not only be in the room, but women are also demanding a seat at the table.  And now through the efforts of trailblazers we are claiming more of these seats.

But once women get to the table, the real work begins.  Once we gain access and seats at the table, it is our responsibility to make room for other women to take a seat. We must be place makers and not merely place keepers.

Let’s look at the difference between a place maker and a place keeper

Place keepers

1.Guard their seat and space at the table

2.Operate out of fear

3.Maneuver in closed circles, cliques and clubs.  This “exclusivity” provides a false sense of security and significance

4.Have a scarcity mentality

Place makers

1.Understand that pulling up another chair to make room for someone else doesn’t put your seat at the table in jeopardy

2.Understand that having more voices at the table doesn’t drown out the other voices at the table

3.Believe that by helping someone to feel worthy doesn’t decrease their value

4.Have confidence in what they bring to the table

5.Have an abundance mentality. They understand that there’s enough, so everyone can eat their portion and get full.

Ask yourself, “How are you making room for other women at the table?”

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