5 Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs

Habit #1- Be Consistent

1. Consistency allows you to measure your success
2. Consistency helps you to maintain and build your brand message
3. Consistency breeds accountability
4. Consistency helps you build momentum
5. Consistency helps you build customer loyalty

Habit #2 – Set SMARTer Goals
1. Make your goals -SMART (specific,measurable,attainable,time based)
2. Connect your goals to your “Why”
3. Share your goals with your support system
4.Write them down
5. Do one thing everyday that moves you closer to your goals

Habit #3-Align Yourself with your Priorities
1.Define your non-negotiables and don’t waver
2.Commit to doing at least one thing each day
and I will get you closer to your goal
3.Feed your priorities by what you read and listen

Habit #4 -Accept feedback

  1. It allows you to discover new opportunities for development
  2. It provides information and insights
  3. It allows you to see your blind spots
  4. It builds your emotional intelligence muscle

Habit #5- Build Resilience

  1. Maintains optimism in face of failure or defeat
  2. Be accountable by owning your decisions-both the good and bad
  3. Know you Why-this will help you bounce back and remember why you started
  4. Be persistent-keep going



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