5 Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Master

There are 3 months left in the year. It’s not too late to start, re-start or level up when it comes to your goals for 2019. It’s time  to reflect, take inventory and regroup before the year ends.

Let’s end the year with an elevated mindset and vision for your life.

Habit #1- Be Consistent

1. Consistency allows you to measure your success
2. Consistency helps you to maintain and build your business
3. Consistency breeds accountability
4. Consistency helps you build momentum
5. Consistency helps you build customer loyalty

Habit #2 – Set SMARTer Goals
1. Make your goals -SMART (specific,measurable,attainable,time based)
2. Connect your goals to your “Why”
3. Share your goals with your support system
4.Write them down
5. Do one thing everyday that moves you closer to your goals

Habit #3-Align Yourself with your Priorities

1. Define your non-negotiables and don’t waver                                                                                                             
Feed your priorities by being intentional about what you allow to penetrate your space. From what you read to who you allow to speak into your life.                                                                                                                  3 Take inventory of how you are spending your time. Keep a daily journal and record your activities throughout the day.  If they are not in align with what you wanted to accomplish, reflect and adjust.

Habit #4- Feedback is a Gift! Embrace Feedback

1. Listen before you respond
2. Don’t take it personal . Yes! That means putting on your big gilr pants and stop allowing yourself to be so easily offended.
3. Reflect on the feedback and your response to receiving it.

Habit #5 Stop wearing busy like a badge of honor and start getting productive

1.Define your daily goals and break them down into smaller tasks
2. Eat the Frog-Your “frog” is your biggest, most important task, the one you are most likely to procrastinate on if you don’t do something about it. (Brain Tracy)
3. Eliminate distractions- One of the major productivity killers is the distraction of constant interruptions: emails, phone calls, inboxes.

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